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Innovations in AI over the last few years have led to algorithms that are slowly but surely automating creative jobs as well as mechanical ones. The future of work is changing rapidly, and workers and employers have to work hard to stay up to speed. Creative jobs are already being augmented or even sometimes replaced with faster, cheaper and more efficient algorithms. At EyeEm, the team focuses on the visual world, one that is already feeling the impact of AI technologies maturing.
In his keynote, EyeEm’s Co-Founder & CTO Ramzi Rizk will talk about technologies changing work and creativity in a variety of industries, and in more detail, explain the shift in visual communication as a result of technology, and what that means for media, photographers and brands.

From voice control to cloud solution. BMW is making its vehicles not just transportation vessels but extensions of their customer’s digital lifestyle. What are the newest developments inside its latest models that help propel the car to be part of a seamless digital ecosystem? And how does BMW evolve from car manufacturer to be a digital player?

Thimus, an Italian company specialized in applied neuroscience, has met the challenge of BMW Italia: measuring the pleasure of driving. That's why we went down the track to Monza and applied a complex matrix of neurological and biometric devices to the driving experience with different cars and several generations of drivers. The question: does the pleasure of driving change to the change of generational or technological variables? Find it out in this presentation that will take you behind the most complex command line in the world: the human brain.

To date, video content, even though it represents the most important asset for broadcasters, is basically a black box: there is no detailed description of what is happening in the moment-by-moment content. In this session we will see real cases of how to apply deep learning technologies to get a semantic representation of what's happening in video content and how this information can be used to deliver new types of services to the user.

We are currently witnessing the greatest shift in consumer behavior since the move from web experience to the ‘mobile moment’, and it’s all around us. Reminders, music, shopping, information, smart home control and more can now be summoned with just a simple utterance, enabled by devices which don’t resemble the grey-box computer or the smart phones we’ve grown used to.
In this talk we will discuss:
- How the Alexa community creates more and more delightful experiences for customers every day
- How Alexa helps people with their daily lives in so many ways
- What we mean by Alexa being truly everywhere

AI will impact any industry especially those generating huge volumes of data in their functioning, like the Telcos. Despite Telco’s model is subscription based, data mastership and intelligence capabilities become more and more crucial to succeed in fully penetrated market, where core business is almost commoditized and value relies on innovative service creation and aggregation under great CX. Historically Telcos have collected huge volume of data for regulatory compliance but used very little of them, letting OTTs thrive by data monetization. However new AI technologies allow Telcos to catch up leveraging their assets as widespread networks and multi-channel touchpoints, as well as the originated data. Specifically AI will play a major role in enhancing the CX at optimized costs and in delivering brand new automated services or enabling 3rd Parties to provide them. What the Fastweb's experiences so far and which exploration routes across the magic world of AI.

Leveraging frog’s in-field expertise in communication and human centered design methodologies Laura will bring to Futureland an hybrid perspective on tools and methods to make an impact on customers’ life and embrace AI innovation beyond the hype.

By showcasing cross-industry examples and case studies, Laura will present key design tips to ideate and orchestrate smarter AI-based products and services, tailoring the intelligent experience to users’ needs and aspirations – as well as business objectives.

We live a kind of a paradox where digital platforms engage users in playing active and fundamental roles within games that become increasingly complex and opaque. While making sense of AI by shaping products, systems and services designers should also apply their capabilities to open the black box of data and algorithms, to spark awareness and to enable a true and fair participation. How communication and information design can contribute is the focus of this talk.

PwC Call4ideas Winners Ceremony. Find out who's the best ideas around in the four topics of Futureland: AR, VR, AI and Robotics.

Discover the journey of a young computer scientist in her path through microprocessors, robots. Where collaboration is the key to shape the world we will live in.

Yape is the first autonomous delivery robot; completely designed and engineered in Italy. YAPE self-driving skills enable the vehicle to be highly mobile in current urban environments where adaptive capabilities are needed to changing traffic conditions and citizen flows. YAPE uses an enhanced digital representation of the city to which the uninterrupted flows of data and information processed by artificial intelligence algorithms contributes.

Usually, the work area of Computer Numerical Control desktop milling machines is as wide as an A4 paper sheet, so designers, makers, and DIY lovers can’t realize medium or big size objects, like a stool or a chair. On the other hand, the traditional and professional CNC machines allow manufacturing wide surfaces but they have a high footprint, are bulky, heavy and expensive. Within the landscape, Springa decided to create something in between that had the dimensions of a desktop machine, but the endless possibilities of a professional one.
Goliath CNC can be positioned directly on the work surface: this innovative mode of operation makes it a machine tool with a boundless work area because it matches the workpiece’s surface. The user can design or download designs from online project libraries, then upload the drawing to Goliath and supervise the work progress by a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Companion and social robots are making their entrance to the market. They are no longer merely a tool for entertainment but a mean to learn, teach and play.
The keynote will provide an overview of the current industry of social and companion robots, applications and near-future developments.

AI and robotics are on the verge of changing society in fundamental ways, creating as much excitement as they are creating fears.
Preben Wik co-founder of Furhat Robotics, a Stockholm based startup, is going to take a deep dive into the future from a social robots point of view.
Together with Furhat, the robot, Preben will take the stage and illustrate where robots with social skills fit into the bigger picture.

The digitalization of the manufacturing system is leading to significant changes for industrial automation players and for the consumer markets too. Comau has been engaged in giving a concrete form to a “new era of automation” and making it open, connected, easy to understand and use. This approach is demonstrated by the innovative e.DO robot, developed in a modular perspective and in open-source from a team of young Comau engineers, who collaborated with the external start-up and partners.

The tech industry in Asia is booming, and the opportunities aren’t limited to technology. The economies in countries throughout Asia are rising, creating opportunities to grow businesses in a multitude of industries. Ivan will share his insights with special focus on opportunities in VR and AR.

While many emerging technologies show great promise, there are many questions to be answered before companies and investors make the decision to invest in them. Investors from all over the world share their insights.

By Vive X, Super Ventures, 360° Capital, The Ventury.

Will machines replace humans or will just be a bit more like us? Two experts share their insights.

Maybe Drone Showcase or VR closing (Samsung)

Schedule subject to change without notice

Deep Dive Stage

Data, facts, use cases will provide a deep understanding of why Managers and Business Leaders
should invest NOW in AR and VR “Media Reality”. This panel is lead by the 12 yrs CEO of Yahoo! Italy with focus on business opportunities delivered by AR and VR. We will see the LIVE DEMOS of successful experiences of VR adoption from a multinational group of domestic appliances – Candy
– and how VR can be a new powerful tool for research with Bologna University and inVRrsion,
leading VR enterprise solutions for retail and FMCG Brands. secondstarvr
Lorenzo Montagna - founder
“ARVReady? Why you should care - NOW - about AR and VR for your business”

Candy Group
Micaela Marcon - Group Marketing Communication Manager at Candy Group
“VR inside the Company Reality” (presentation and demo live)

BBS - Bologna Business School - University of Bologna
Prof: Gabriele Pizzi -Director Master Digital Ecommerce
"Is Virtual reality a Real Virtuality? Unfolding the potential of VR for marketing research and practice with focus on retailing” (presentation and demo live)

Imagining the future is one of the most peculiar abilities of our species, and is also one of the most useful to exercise. Learning to think about the future in the right way is, in fact, an increasingly useful and necessary tool in an historic period like this, when technology comes to mass use at an exponential rate. During the Impactscool workshop we will work together using foresight and future thinking techniques to understand the impact and application of technologies in the coming years; coming to build future scenarios, products and services that take into account the opportunities created by new technologies and current trends.

From Consumer and Technology Trends to the spread adoption of AI in daily life: how automation has become an hidden commodity, and how it will be our ‘best’ companion in a not-so-far future

Schedule subject to change without notice

Workshop Room

Vive X Acceleration Program Presentation. Join the VR Revolution. Apply to HTC VIVE’s VR Accelerator: VIVE X. Our mission is simple: We want to help cultivate, foster and grow the global VR ecosystem by supporting startups and providing them with education, investment and mentorship.
Shape the future today by participating in our accelerator programs located in Beijing, San Francisco, Taipei, ShenZhen , Tel Aviv and more locations to come.

Emerging technologies are one of the megatrends that will drive our future. Among such technologies, the Artificial Intelligence plays a central role: in its study "Sizing the prize: What's the real value of AI for your business and how can you capitalise?" PwC states that AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030.
The workshop aims at investigating on how to reach such a contribution to the global economy: a set of use cases dealing with already existing AI applications will be first investigated and discussed. Then the audience will be involved in a Design Thinking session with the objective to identify innovative use cases that can be feasibly implemented in the short or mid-term.

Schedule subject to change without notice