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A compelling product/service set and substantial market share are no longer sufficient measures of success for the modern business. Today, the success of an organization lies in its ability to foster a culture of continuous transformation, that adapts to meet the ever-evolving needs, wishes, and desires of its customers.

Tomorrow’s customers will expect on-demand, life-altering moments of significance from the products and experiences they consume. As such, future leaders of organizations must leverage robust AI-driven customer insights, while deploying fully autonomous manufacturing and supply chain solutions to enable real-time, bespoke product development delivered to your doorstep.

How must the organizations of today adopt a culture of courage to constantly challenge, disrupt, and evolve their own businesses to consistently meet the needs of tomorrows customer?

Kolo will discuss the current state of the VR industry, the challenges and opportunities of VR development and suggest potential solutions to maximise success for any business.

Leen Segers is co-founder of LucidWeb, a company focused on all things WebXR. Get introduced to the most promising upcoming new standard for distributing premium content in VR, WebVR. Leen will give you insight in the most exciting WebVR companies and projects to date, like LCD Soundsystem's "Dance Tonite", Google's Dunkirk WebVR game and Renault's car configurator. In a next step, she will introduce LucidWeb's proprietary WebVR players for interactive and non-interactive 360° built in collaboration with premium broadcasters across Europe.

Virtual Reality is at a turning point with a growing audience and tons of trash contents. Our technology was developed in the last 4 years and comes from hundreds of tests and commercial VR productions.
Impersive, in the mistake is written the uniqueness of our language in VR, we are the ones who tell stories by putting the user in the body of an actor, a sportsman, a model, a surgeon, etc … See the first 360° 3D full body videos in action.

Sensiks offers the Sensory Reality pod, accompanied by a platform for the ‘development of experiences’ and the distribution of these sensory experience productions. With the experience builder, any existing or new audiovisual content can be Sensified. with 180 scents, temperature, air flow, vibrations, taste and light frequencies.

Medical VR is an emerging new vertical with a potential to reshape healthcare delivery structure. Harnessing the power of VR, Outpatient Rehabilitation procedures could turn remote and move into patients’ homes, dramatically improving access, costs and adherence.

VR is a perfect fit for rehabilitation, enabling virtual workout rooms with physical properties almost identical to real world environment. This virtual workout room can provide the patient with guidance, monitor his every move, track his progress and speedup his recovery. But this only scratches the surface; a virtual workout room enables manipulations that are not possible in real world, tricking the brain to promote better rehabilitation.

VRhealth is an Israeli company that develops medical VR solutions. VRhealth Group is the first company in the world to develop a data driven virtual reality rehabilitation platform called VRPhysio. This medical software transforms any “off-the-shelf” high end PC-VR into a class II medical device which is billable under CPT codes.

There are many usability issues and fundamental flaws to VR products today. Because of the nascent stages of the technology, any discomfort experienced while using a VR product can be reflective not only of the product but potentially dissuade the user from VR as a technology. In this talk, Kevin will explore how Dieter Rams' 10 design principles can apply to VR to ensure a good and comfortable experience. These principles are useful to think about for designers and non-designers alike.

As a champion of the Augmented Reality (AR) industry for the past decade, Ori believes AR is bringing superpowers to the people and making them better at anything they do in work or life. How can we harness this emerging tech to improve our lives?
In this keynote, Ori will review the impact AR technologies and solutions already have on the way we live, work, shop, learn and play and will explore how in the future it is poised to help humanity leap forward by:
1) Democratizing Knowledge
Anyone, anywhere will have access to the world’s best information resources and experts - all within their field of view - to improve any task they perform in their life and work.
2) Economic growth
AR will drive economic growth by improving productivity and efficiency, as well as helping upskill workers who's jobs have been commoditized by automation.
3) Healthcare to everyone
Expert healthcare providers combined with advanced Intelligent Computer Vision systems will treat patients in underserved areas, and lift health levels across the world.
4) Empathy and Collaboration
Like minded folks around the world will be able to collaborate and solve issues as if they are in the same room. Sensing emotions and communicating it to team members in real time - will lead to higher levels of empathy and better outcomes.
5) Sustainability to the people
Thanks to AR’s ability to simulate things that aren’t built in reality, the spread of these technologies will reduce the need to manufacture hardware, reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainability

2017 is the year of Augmented Reality. A huge revolution is coming, driven by the application of this technology in the industrial sector.

Augmented Reality is the convergent technology par excellence: improving man’s perception of the environment, it enables the user to interact with machines connected to the IoT world, Artificial Intelligence and complex systems. Exploring this new ecosystem, we will discover how can an AR platform transform a normal factory in a future Smart Factory.

Alstom provides not only rolling stock, services and maintenance but also offers mobility solutions to a world in profound transformation.
Digital solutions and recent moves beyond the rail sector with Aptis and the investment in EasyMile, will revolutionise the world of transportation.
This year, Alstom has launched two solutions that will enhance passengers’ journeys in urban transport networks: Optimet OrbanMap, a real-time dynamic information system provided to passengers in metro stations, and Optimet real-time train occupancy, a solution that will ensure a smoother passenger flow on platforms. For operators, Alstom has also launched Mastria, the first multimodal supervision solution.
Digital continuity opens up huge opportunities for Alstom’s operations. The Smart Operations programme, encompassing Factory of the Future and Depot of the Future initiatives includes the integration of digital technologies in our industrial and maintenance processes as well as exploring the full potential of 3D printing and Virtual Reality.

Mark discusses how best-in-class AR and VR are possible with computer vision, 3D sensing, and positional tracking. Spatial Computing is solving problems in the Enterprise, Utilities, and Retail Industries, and the power of your mobile phones will guide the next 12 to 18 months in defining where the industry is heading.

A long story short about what led to the outstanding success of this game and which opportunities AR technologies are posing for the near future of gaming.

The ARA COM'ERA AR experience was designed and developed for the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome (developed by ETT for Zetema). It has already been visited by over 30.000 visitors since its opening and it was featured in BBC and other Italian news channel. The project was ambitious, with over 300 GearVR HMDs and S7 smartphones used in Pass-Through Mode for a “first of its kind” Immersive AR experience.
Projects of this kind are becoming more and more popular and are showing how immersive technologies like AR and VR can valorize the work of curators, museums managers and heritage experts, providing engagement for visitors and adding value to the whole museum experience. This talk will go through the process of designing and developing museum scale AR experiences, showing how the newest technologies can help valorize the most ancient archeological beauties.

A Mixed Reality solution by NTT DATA Italia, specifically designed for offering a best in class user experience for the audience of golf tournaments. Based on the Mixed Reality platform offered by Microsoft Hololens, the solution allows the user to place a 3D digital twin of the golf course in the real environment and to interact with it to display real-time tournament and player information, such as player position, score and track paths. The solution was presented in Southport during the final stages of the Golf Open Tournament 2017, where the audience could appreciate the high quality and usability of the Mixed Reality experience. NTT Data will showcase this solution also at Futureland, using the data collected in Southport.

Augmented reality and virtual reality transform how we interact in different verticals. With Kabaq 3D Food technologies, we are focusing on advanced scanning technologies to create ultra-high quality 3D models. These 3D models can be used as visuals in augmented/virtual reality, your web site, social media, marketing materials and promotion.

AR and VR have a lot in common, they could also lead us down totally different paths in entertainment, gaming, communication and more. So which will win? Kris and Ori will share theirs insights.

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Deep Dive Stage

LucidWeb is research partner and co-publisher of The VR Fund European Industry Landscape and of Tech.eu's investment analysis "State of the European VR Industry". Leen is co-founder of the Women in XR Europe initiative, counting more than 400 female members across Europe.
In het talk State of the European VR Industry she will share her comprehensive insights in the current European VR & AR landscape.
Startups, investors, industry, you can't miss this talk!

Showcase of PwC Call 4 Ideas finalists.

Chance to meet 8 of the speakers and have access to them for 5 minutes, will give you mentorship on specific topics like marketing, ...

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Workshop Room

Virtual Reality enables the creation of any experience imaginable and not yet imaginable. Replicable at no cost. We are excited what’s to come!
How do we get to a vast ecosystem of free, exciting VR content, though? We build ad-solutions for monetization.
We explore the current opportunities and anticipated trends for Virtual Reality advertising.
- Banners in VR
- Product placement (3D Objects with interaction)
- Interstitial/pre-roll video/360 video
- Immersive & interactive ads in particular, place a user inside an experience: No distraction – maximum engagement
- Experiencing products and services in industries such as sports, real-estate and travel before purchase while making it natural and frictionless to enter an ad
- Driving sales directly out of virtual worlds on a performance basis
- New opportunities for ad-analytics and targeting
Further we will discuss experimental findings of VR advertising and voices of Marketing Professionals. Finally, you will have the opportunity to dive into immersive & interactive ads in a live demo.

"The subject of this panel is the process involved in creating Immersive Virtual Reality experiences.
Giacomo Garoffolo, Uqido’s technical sound designer and Unity 3D developer will discuss best practices and issues regarding the development of new content in VR.
A journey behind the scenes, to describe and analyze all the elements that make a VR experience truly immersive, while conveying companies’ principles and messages.
Special attention will be given to the interaction with the physical environment, its tracking and representation in the virtual world.
This talk will cover the steps involved in creating an experience from zero, starting from a basic concept to the technical solutions adopted to deal with human behavior (experience design), and then the iteration processes used in improving the experience until its current state."

Schedule subject to change without notice